Fluorescein Angiography

Fluorescein Angiography

Fluorescein angiography frequently is performed to evaluate retinal disease. It involves injecting a harmless special dye in the arm after which a series of retinal photographs are taken through special filters.

These serial photographs are then enhanced using a special software & then interpreted to provide important information & diagnosis about the retinal condition.

What Is Fluorescein Angiography Used for?

FA is often recommended to find and diagnose eye disease including:

  • macular edema (swelling in the retina that distorts vision)
  • diabetic retinopathy (damaged or abnormal blood vessels in the eye caused by diabetes)
  • macular degeneration
  • blockage of veins inside the eye, called BRVO or CRVO
  • macular pucker (a wrinkle in the retina caused by a buildup of fluid behind it)
  • ocular melanoma (a type of cancer affecting the eye)

FA is also used to:

  • track changes in eye disease over time
  • target treatment areas

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